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Foot and Ankle Injury Prevention Tips

Preventing many different types of athletic injuries begins with a combination of proper warm-up, conditioning and careful attention to technique. Because the feet and ankles are subject to high performance in a variety of sports, they are susceptible to injury. Our foot and ankle team offers the most advanced injury… Read more »

Ankle Fractures: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Our feet and ankles are integral to a fully active and mobile life. Rebound’s foot and ankle doctors have expertise in the complexities of foot and ankle conditions, including ankle fractures. Learn more about ankle fracture causes, symptoms and treatments from Rebound surgeon, Dr. C. Luke Rust. What is an… Read more »

Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures

Sports place many physical demands on athletes’ bodies, particularly on weight-bearing bones like the bones in the foot and ankle. Overuse injuries to these high-performing bones, such as stress fractures, are incredibly common experiences for athletes of all varieties. Rebound’s foot and ankle team has extensive experience in treating foot… Read more »