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Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures

Sports place many physical demands on athletes’ bodies, particularly on weight-bearing bones like the bones in the foot and ankle. Overuse injuries to these high-performing bones, such as stress fractures, are incredibly common experiences for athletes of all varieties. Rebound’s foot and ankle team has extensive experience in treating foot… Read more »

Hammertoe Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Painful foot conditions can be brought on by a variety of reasons: poor footwear, muscle imbalance, overuse, etc. At Rebound, our board-certified foot and ankle surgeons treat a variety of these conditions, including hammertoe. Our team offers the most advanced foot and ankle care in the Portland metropolitan area, using… Read more »

Bunion Correction and Surgery

Our feet go through quite a bit. With more than a million steps taken each year, questionable shoe choices, sports, recreational activities and the usual wear and tear, it is not surprising that our team of foot and ankle specialists see a wide variety of pain and injury related issues.… Read more »