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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: What You Need to Know

We offer many different knee surgery procedures at Rebound and use innovative techniques and the latest technology to perform them. Arthroscopic knee surgery is just one of the advanced procedures we offer to treat knee injuries and conditions. Dr. Evan D. Ellis, one of our board-certified orthopedic surgeons with expertise… Read more »

A Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery

The thought of walking down or climbing up a flight of stairs brings you fatigue. You base the majority of your daily activity decisions on the level of pain they will induce. Something as simple as sitting causes discomfort. Does all of this sound quite familiar? Don’t let the largest… Read more »

Meniscus Tears & Treatments

Our knees take enough abuse just carrying us from one year to the next. But if the pain and dysfunction in one or both of your knees is more acute, then you may have suffered a very common knee injury known as a meniscus tear. Menisci are rubbery, c-shaped cartilaginous… Read more »