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Elbow Instability Causes & Treatment

If you are encountering pain with locking or catching sensations in your elbow, you may be showing signs of elbow instability. Our team of orthopedic specialists will work with you to address your symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan, whether you require surgical or nonsurgical treatment. Our goal is… Read more »

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: What You Need to Know

We offer many different knee surgery procedures at Rebound and use innovative techniques and the latest technology to perform them. Arthroscopic knee surgery is just one of the advanced procedures we offer to treat knee injuries and conditions. Dr. Evan D. Ellis, one of our board-certified orthopedic surgeons with expertise… Read more »

Bunion Correction and Surgery

Our feet go through quite a bit. With more than a million steps taken each year, questionable shoe choices, sports, recreational activities and the usual wear and tear, it is not surprising that our team of foot and ankle specialists see a wide variety of pain and injury related issues.… Read more »

Trigger Finger Causes and Treatments

Do you find it difficult to straighten your fingers without them locking up and extending or popping forward in a rapid, jolting motion? This movement-limiting condition is most commonly referred to as trigger finger. Rebound’s dedicated team of fellowship-trained hand surgeons provides comprehensive care for this common condition as well… Read more »

My Aching Foot: Foot Pain Causes and Treatments

How many steps do you think you take per year? Would you guess that number reaches more than one million? You’re probably more familiar with the expression “my aching back,” but plenty of us experience foot pain at some point (we do, after all, put our feet through quite the… Read more »