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Yoga for Overall Health

Looking for an activity that offers strengthening benefits and can boost your bone health? Yoga may be right for you. As long as proper injury prevention measures are followed and personal physical ability is taken into account, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons suggests that yoga offers the following benefits:… Read more »

Summer Safety

Summer is right around the corner, and our team wants to help you stay safe and injury-free. Whether you’re planning on some leisurely pool time or spending more active time outdoors, the injury prevention tips below are essential for your summer adventures. Hitting the Trails Oregon and Washington are home… Read more »

Prevention and Treatment for Teen Sports Injuries

Teen Athlete Injury Prevention At Rebound, we’re big fans of teen sports. Teen athletes are generally healthy, motivated individuals who learn early on that exercise is an important part of life. Unfortunately, because we’re an orthopedic practice, a lot of the teen athletes we meet are injured, and many of… Read more »